What I packed in my Hospital Bag

For my first born, I packed SO MUCH stuff.

In reality, I had a hospital gown and hospital socks on the entire time… ate very little of the snacks we packed. Didn’t even touch my iPad (thought I’d watch Netflix and chill…. BIG lol on that one). Didn’t wear the outfit I thought I would recover in. Didn’t wear ANY makeup. And my hair was in a ponytail our entire stay.

With years of business travel, I really try to not overpack.. Also, by nature, I hate the UNPACKING process. With my first, I had no idea what I would truly need, but with our second, I’m buttoning down what I bring with me.

Mommy’s Bag:
1. Super comfortable going home clothes.- I packed an oversized t-shirt, sweatshirt (thanks, Ohio spring), and a pair of “Thanksgiving” leggings.
2. Essential toiletries – all travel sized: toothbrush, tooth paste, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, wet brush. I even packed a razor, if I’m feeling really ambitious. (IYIYK)
3, Scrunchie – I’m very minimal in my hair care during recovery. My hair will be up and out of my face, off my neck, the majority of the time, if not the ENTIRE time.
4. Chapstick
5. Shower flops – cause, you know, gross…
6. Phone and phone charger – though I plan to be on this very little/not using too much battery. I’ll mostly use my phone to keep up to date with our son, Theodore. My husband will act as the main communicator while we are at the hospital.
7. Boppy – Not essential, but I loved my boppy with T and think it’ll help with early breastfeeding
8. Pump – I got the Spectra s2. I used this pump with Theodore and thought it worked great for me. Plus Spectra’s customer service is great. My original pump stopped working, and they replaced it, no questions asked.
9. Nibble care – the learning curve for breastfeeding can be steep… and painful. With my first, I was not prepared for that, cause. I thought it was “natural.” I had cracked and sore nibbles walking out of the hospital and made it difficult to keep going. So I’m bringing: nibble shield, nibble cream, tender care hydrogel patches <<All these can be provided by the hospital. The only reason I’m bringing them with me is to be proactive. With my eldest, I was already experiencing damage by the time I was provided these tools.
10. Camera – of course, not for everyone. However you chose to capture your time at the hospital, if you chose to, will be the perfect way to do so.

Baby’s Bag:
1. Going home outfit – newborn and 0-3 month – Not sure how big or small our little mister will be.
2. Car seat – will stay in the car, until we need it

The hospital is equipped with really everything you need for baby: diapers, diaper cream, swaddles, hats, pacifiers, etc. And everything for early postpartum care. (I can share what I have planned for this, as well). They also let you take some goodies home with you! Which is another reason I’m packing light.

*This is no shape or form telling you what YOU need to bring/not bring. If you think you’ll want to style your hair and put on makeup (especially if you have hired a photographer), by all means, pack for that. This is just based off of my lifestyle and needs. We also don’t plan to stay at the hospital long and are only 7 minutes from our house, if we end up needing something we didn’t bring.


I decided very last minute to bring a robe I was gifted as a bridesmaid for a friends wedding. I opted to wear that over my hospital gown during recovery because of it opening in the front for skin to skin, while still feeling some what covered. Definitely glad I chose to grab it.

Brianna + Caleb | Tall Pines Engagement

Imagine this… You’re on a hike with your boyfriend and a couple of friends, in Yosemite National Park. You both have been discussing engagement for awhile now, and have an idea he’ll be popping the question any day now. Then, something boxy falls out of your boyfriend’s pocket, you pick it up… What do you think it is?… Well if you ask Bri, she would say she has no idea… Cause, well, that’s exactly what happened!! No ring was harmed (or lost) in the making of this proposal. Thank goodness!

For their engagement session, we ventured to the Tall Pines area at Walnut Ridge Metro Park, in Groveport, Ohio. While walking to their location, Caleb mentioned how he felt like he was in a smaller scale Yosemite NP. That gave me such joy we could recreate such a special time, thousands of miles away.

When these two are not hanging out with friends, you can catch them cuddling up to a movie in their home with their cat, Calvin, and NEW puppy, Winston.

P.S. I’ve taken it upon myself to create their wedding hashtag –> #CalvinsPawrentsAreGettingMeowied – No thanks needed, Bri & Caleb!

Ethiennette + Adam | Franklin Park Conservatory Engagement

They met in Colorado, moved to Ohio, got engaged in Pennsylvania, and will be getting married in North Carolina! Ethie and Adam have the type of love, that no matter where they are, it carries them through the room.

While on a trip to Pittsburgh, unbeknownst to Ethie, Adam had a surprise proposal planned. He had coordinated both his and her family to be waiting for them at their hotel.

During a walk through Allegheny Commons West, atop of a bridge over Lake Elizabeth, Adam asked Ethie to be his wife. And she said YES!!Continuing their walk, they were to go for a bite to eat, but Adam “conveniently” forgot his wallet back at the hotel; where both their families were waiting to celebrate the news with them! Way to go, Adam!

For their engagement session, we went to Franklin Park Conservatory.

The two will be tying the knot on Sept. 18, 2021!

Congratulations Ethiennette and Adam!