Brianna + Caleb | Tall Pines Engagement

Imagine this… You’re on a hike with your boyfriend and a couple of friends, in Yosemite National Park. You both have been discussing engagement for awhile now, and have an idea he’ll be popping the question any day now. Then, something boxy falls out of your boyfriend’s pocket, you pick it up… What do you think it is?… Well if you ask Bri, she would say she has no idea… Cause, well, that’s exactly what happened!! No ring was harmed (or lost) in the making of this proposal. Thank goodness!

For their engagement session, we ventured to the Tall Pines area at Walnut Ridge Metro Park, in Groveport, Ohio. While walking to their location, Caleb mentioned how he felt like he was in a smaller scale Yosemite NP. That gave me such joy we could recreate such a special time, thousands of miles away.

When these two are not hanging out with friends, you can catch them cuddling up to a movie in their home with their cat, Calvin, and NEW puppy, Winston.

P.S. I’ve taken it upon myself to create their wedding hashtag –> #CalvinsPawrentsAreGettingMeowied – No thanks needed, Bri & Caleb!

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